The FGBG Story: Behind The Brand and Who We Are

You know those days where everything feels like complete chaos? You never have a moment to check in with yourself or stop to take a breather, let alone take any vitamins! Well, that’s basically why FGBG is here today. We say we’re more than just a brand because we’re actually more of a lifestyle; designed for the women who are juggling a full-time job, studying for college exams, getting a workout in, and maintaining a social life, all while trying to achieve optimal health. 
Who We Are
With a schedule that jam-packed, does anyone really have the brainpower to remember to take their vitamins every single day? Needless to say, the vitamins on the market a few years ago just weren’t practical enough for Jessica and Melissa Medri, twin sisters but better known as co-founders of FGBG! 
Health was always a priority in their lives, but like most young entrepreneurs and college students know, achieving a perfect wellness score can be a challenge when there are a million other things on your plate. After feeling slightly guilty about slacking on their vitamin game, that’s when the lightbulb went off. The sisters saw a major gap in the industry, one that needed to meet the needs and lifestyle of millennial women who struggled with the same issues as them. 
At the same time, Jairo Osorno was working on a brand inspired by the philosophy that when you feel great, you are great. Between Jairo’s passion for creating a brand that makes women feel good about themselves, and the Medri sisters’ enthusiasm to bridge the gap in the vitamin industry, the stars seemed to align, and the three became official partners in creating FGBG!
How We Started
2019 was a big year for us at FGBG. This was the year that we launched, but it’s also the year that our ideas came to life. Beyond that, it’s the year that confirmed everything for us. The industry truly was missing something, and it wasn’t just in our heads. 
It wasn’t that millennial women didn’t care about their health and wellness as much as older generations do; there just wasn’t a vitamin brand that, one, attracted their interest, and two, made it easy to take on-the-go. Now that it’s been done, it seems as if portable vitamins should’ve been around for ages! When life gets in the way, there’s simply nothing more practical than throwing your daily dose of wellness into your purse, gym bag, or backpack to take whenever it’s most convenient.
Our Mission
From the beginning, our mission has always been to simplify the vitamin game. Instead of dreading that time of day, perhaps even forgetting about it altogether, we wanted women to get excited about taking vitamins that make them feel great. That’s why we’ve put hours of work into making our vitamins taste amazing, contain essential nutrients, yet have the most practical packaging around.
We want to inspire women to love themselves day in and day out. Helping young women take their daily nutrients and prioritize their health just so happens to be the perfect avenue for us to spread the importance of self-love.
Feel Great. Be Great.
- Your Friends at FGBG
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